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About us

Welcome to COSSUS, the Canadian Open Source Software Unix System. We are an unincorporated institution which archive pkgsrc bulk build reports for various operating systems which support the sun4v architecture. Also, this organisation provides resources to generate build reports which are open to the public. SSH access is available to researchers who are developers and have commit bits on an open source operating system project or package management system.

COSSUS are not established nor conducted for profit nor form part of, nor are administered or directly or indirectly controlled by, a body that is established or conducted for profit. Our project is located in Montreal, CANADA. We have the following resources at our disposal:

Resource list (updated July 2016)
Item Count Description Notes
Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 server 2 Four (4) 137 GB SAS hard drives, 32 GB RAM Gifted by Ryerson University.
Domains 1 cossus.ca Registered for nine (9) years.
Rack units 2 About 6 amps of power reserved. Provided by local company.

This page is under construction and some resources are not available yet.

pkgsrc bulk build virtual machines

LDOMs logo The primary domain has eight (8) VCPUs, 8 GB RAM, and the following available space on the mount points:

Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/sd0a      127M   56.8M   63.9M    47%    /
tmpfs          9.1G   40.0K    9.1G     0%    /tmp
/dev/sd0d     17.7G   19.1M   16.8G     0%    /var
/dev/sd0e     17.7G    2.8G   14.0G    17%    /usr
/dev/sd0f     95.1G   42.6G   47.7G    47%    /home
/dev/sd1a      135G    120G    7.8G    94%    /home/ldomd/vdisks/group1
/dev/sd2a      135G    120G    7.8G    94%    /home/ldomd/vdisks/group2
/dev/sd3a      135G    120G    7.8G    94%    /home/ldomd/vdisks/group3
OSes that support sun4v
Operating system Version VCPUs RAM Vdisk Status Last completed build
Debian 10.0 4 1 GB 40 GB Ready to build. N/A
DilOS 8 2 GB 40 GB Ready to build. N/A
Gentoo 20201116T170534Z 4 2 GB 40 GB Installing... N/A
NetBSD -current (9.99.75) 2 1 GB 12 MB Panics on boot. N/A
OpenBSD -snapshot (2020-11-17) 8 4 GB 60 GB Ready to build. N/A
OpenBSD 6.8 8 4 GB 60 GB Ready to build. 2015-04-28 (5.6)
OpenSXCE 2014.05 8 4 GB 60 GB Ready to build. N/A
Tribblix m20 8 4 GB 60 GB Configuring storage. Awaiting response from maintainer. N/A
generic N/A 4 1 GB 8 GB Awaiting deployment. N/A
test N/A 2 768 MB 8 GB Awaiting deployment. N/A

The generic and test LDOMs can be used to test any bootable image before it's deemed stable or assigned a proper bulk build schedule. If some LDOMs aren't utilising all available memory during development or builds, some can be reallocated to other LDOMs or used to create new ones as OSes which support this platform increase.

Possible platforms

If developers for these OSes would like an LDOM on this system to test updated versions of their respective OSes, please contact us. There might have been other OSes which supported sun4v. This list doesn't pretend to be complete.

OSes which supported sun4v
Operating system Last version(s) Notes
FreeBSD -HEAD (2011) Removed.
OpenSolaris snv_134 Dated 2010-10-05. Not useful for our purposes, as development has ceased on it.
openSUSE 7.3, 11.3? Removed. Install images cannot be found.
Ubuntu 6.06.1? Support dropped.

Unallocated resources

Bulk build report archive

Coming soon.

Binary package library

Coming soon.


  1. Schedule bulk builds;
  2. Document network topology;
  3. Add developers resource page;
  4. Mail OS project lists;
  5. Host bulk build reports;
  6. Host binaries for respective platforms;


An Oracle SPARC T4-1 or Fujitsu M10-1 would be fine too! Nerds can dream...